Students passed the challenges and tried their lucky draw.

Asia University (AU) takes AI (artificial intelligence) as one of the key competences in its education, preparing students for the future. In order to help students equip themselves with this cutting-edge technological development, the university started to offer a wide range of AI-related courses, the so called AI + X courses, across six different colleges for students to take from last year . To promote this new development in AU education , the university held an AI exhibition in the beginning of this new semester. Over 1500 freshmen and faculty members were invited to attend the exhibition in which AI applications and AI-driven pedagogical innovations were presented. For three consecutive days from September 16 to 18, AU freshmen joined the exhibition and had some first-hand experiences in getting to know some basic knowledge about the present and the future of AI in our life and career.

President Tsai gave the prize to the winner.

This AI orientation was initiated to strategically ignite students’ passion for the learning AI as an important part of their college life. Many AI-related interactive games were designed to arouse students’ interest and those who successfully passed a series of challenges could join the lottery and win big prizes for their endeavor and success.

The interactive game incited students’ enthusiasm for AI study.

President Jeffrey J. P. Tsai gave presents to the professors who conducted the teaching and learning of AI and the students who were picked in the lucky draw. The first prize went to Professor Ching-ta Lu and his team students, Miss Yenyu Lu and Miss Yatin Wen, from the Department of Information Communication. To conclude the exhibition, President Tsai encouraged all the participants to take AI courses to enrich their competitive competence in the future global job market.

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